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Trigger Finger – You Don’t Have to Shoot a Gun to Get This

Even if you never touched a gun, you can get Trigger Finger. Trigger finger can happen to any finger on either hand. Trigger Finger is when your finger gets stuck in a bent position. When you try to straighten it out, it snaps back into place. It’s also very painful. Each of your fingers has tendons. The tendons are inside a sheath. The tendon gets inflamed. It can’t slide back and forth in the sheath any more. The swelling makes it get stuck. It’s a lot [...]

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ACL Injuries: How Physical Therapy Can Help

Although it’s the smallest of the four main knee ligaments, the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) has an important job.  It connects the thighbone to the shinbone at the center of the knee and keeps the leg stable while the rest of the body moves.  An ACL sprain or tear occurs when these two bones manage to rotate too far in opposing directions or the knee bends the wrong way.  Both a sensation that the leg is buckling with each step and outright pain are common. Activities [...]

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Can Physical Therapy Relieve my Sciatica?

For people who suffer from sciatica pain, getting relief is usually high on their list of things to do. Sciatica pain is a grueling pain caused by irritation of the roots or lower lumbar and lumbosacral spine. Some common symptoms include burning or tingling that goes down your leg, a shooting pain that may make it difficult to stand up or a constant pain on one side of your back that extends down your leg. When it comes to sciatica pain, many people benefit from physical [...]

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Three Reasons to Talk To Your Physical Therapist about a Customized Sports Specific Physical Therapy Program

Are you an athlete who wants to be at the top of your game? If you are a professional sportsman you need a competitive edge to enhance every part of your fitness program. A physical therapist can customize a sports-specific physical therapy program that will not only boost your performance in your chosen sport, but it can also help prevent injuries from happening or developing. In the past few years, there has been much hype and drama about people using steroids and other outlawed medicines to [...]

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What to Expect When You Visit a Physical Therapist

Patients are sometimes hesitant when it comes to physical therapy. Not knowing what to expect or feeling nervous about being pushed too far can be intimidating. It is important to know that you are in control. Your physical therapist is there to evaluate your symptoms and perform appropriate treatment techniques. At the beginning of your first appointment, your physical therapist will ask you a number of questions. They will then do a detailed examination and evaluate your strength, balance, posture, heart rate and anything else that [...]

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5 Reasons You Should See a Physical Therapist for Sports Injuries

As an athlete, one of your worst fears is probably sustaining a sports related injury that keeps you out of the game. The good news is that with physical therapy and lots of rest, you can recover in no time. There are many benefits to seeking the help of a physical therapist for sports related injuries. Tailored to You – A sports physical therapy program that is tailored to your specific needs is important to make sure you get the best results. Sports physical therapy will [...]

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Why Proper Back Pain Treatment is Important

Often times, people suffering from back pain are referred to a physical therapist. The overall goal of physical therapy is to decrease back pain, increase the ability to function and educate patients on how to prevent future back pain issues. Back pain is an all-too-common problem among many individuals. Regardless of how back pain happens or how it feels, it is important that you see a licensed physical therapist to properly relieve your back pain symptoms. Physical therapists are highly trained in relieving back pain. A [...]

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is used for the treatment of muscle, bone and joint disorders among other things. It may include manual therapy, massage, exercise, suspension exercises and more. The goal of physical therapy is to relieve pain and discomfort that may be caused by previous injuries or surgery. Physical therapists are skilled in rehabilitation exercises and creating individualized treatment plans that will reduce the risk of further injuries in the future. Below are some things you may not know about physical therapy and its advantages. 1.)    Physical [...]

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How Physical Therapy Increases Mobility in Seniors

As we get older, it gets harder for us to get around as easily as we once did. Many seniors may get depressed if they feel that they have to constantly rely on help from others. Physical therapy can help seniors get back their independence and their piece of mind. The goal of physical therapy is to improve and restore your function, increase your mobility and relieve your pain. Falls are the number one reason why seniors require physical therapy but some simply want to improve [...]

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Improve Balance and Stability with Physical Therapy

For those who suffer from balance issues, it makes day to day activities hard and unpleasant. When you have problems maintaining balance, it can be difficult to walk, stand and even sit in an upright position. Physical therapists are skilled when it comes to creating individualized physical therapy plans to help improve stability, strength and mobility for those who suffer from balance issues. If you are experiencing balance issues, you should schedule an appointment with your primary care physician as soon as possible. It is likely [...]

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