Physical Therapy for Sports Injuries

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Whether you are a major-league pro, a high school competitor, a weekend warrior, or a casual athlete, you need customized sports physical therapy program designed for your specific needs and level of competition.

Athletic injuries are essentially orthopedic injuries which have a sport specific component. Our goal for the athlete is to return to the sport as quickly as possible, while preventing re- injuries through proper warm up and training procedures.

Sports Therapy | RaritanPT

At Raritan Physical Therapy, we have developed innovative treatment methods which combine principles from physical therapy, fitness and sports rehabilitation to deliver the fastest, most effective results. We guide our athletes through the specific movement mechanics of their sport so they can maximize their techniques and abilities. We have helped hundreds of patients return to, and even surpass, previous levels of sports activity through exercise.
Best sports-specific physical therapy clinic in NJ serving HS, college and pro athletes in Edison, Piscataway, Middletown, Woodbridge Township. Football, soccer, baseball, basketball, running, specialties.